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🎓 Back to School Special: The Designers Today Designer Experience - August 29th - Virtual Event 🎉

Get ready to level up your design skills this Back to School season with the Designers Today Designer Experience! 🏫 Join us for an immersive, virtual event on Tuesday, August 29th, and prepare to be inspired, educated, and entertained.

📅 Block out a significant portion of your day in your East Coast schedule. Editor Andrea Lillo will host this exceptional event, filled with top-notch content tailored for design professionals like you.

What's in store for you: 🎓 Earn valuable Designer Credits with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 🎤 Engage with fascinating speakers and industry experts 🔥 Participate in a thought-provoking panel discussion.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills, network with fellow designers, and participate in the Back to School season at the Designers Today Designer Experience.

Tuesday - Reserve a Full Business Day in EST

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Keynote Speaker

Kimberley Seldon

Launching projects like a BOSS with Kimberley Seldon

Kimberley Seldon – veteran interior designer and thought leadership business coach – insists there’s no way to finish a project successfully if you don’t start strong. She’ll share her start-up process for projects, as well as insights on how to perfect a sales technique, outperform on consultation experiences, organize billable hours and invoice clients. Learn firsthand from a proven success strategist.

Continuing Education Credit

Alvion (Al) Legall

The 3 biggest cyber security threats small businesses face and how to protect your company now

We increasingly hear about companies that have been hacked – from large, multinational corporations to solopreneurs. Being hacked results in lost money, time and business – as well as damage to your reputation. Many small business owners believe hackers only go after large companies, but the reality is that smaller companies are becoming increasingly attractive prey. How can we protect ourselves and our businesses from this fate? Presenter Alvion (Al) Legall has been passionate about cyber security for more than two decades and is CEO of ABL Computers, based in Valley Stream, N.Y. Join us at this CEU session for key takeaways about how to arm your business with the latest cyber security tools and techniques.


Future proofing your client’s home

With the lack of affordable housing and interest rates at an all-time high, more people are looking to create their forever home in their current one. Join our panel of experts – Breegan Jane of Breegan Jane, LLC, Christa O’Leary of Home in Harmony Lifestyle and Reiko Lewis of Ventus Design – as they discuss how designers can help clients create spaces that consider the long term, making it a refuge for the senses as well as aging-in-place friendly.

Reiko Lewis

Christa O’Leary

Breegan Jane

Continuing Education Credit

Joe Bisignano

Designing for Wellness

In this new post-pandemic era, people want their homes to promote health and wellness, especially since they’re spending more time at home than ever. Presented by Joe Bisignano of Mr. Steam, this CEU session will cover wellness design terms and concepts. He will address how to apply biophilia, living in place and feng shui concepts to create overall wellness design for clients and identify when to use them to achieve the most advantageous health and safety benefits of each.